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More useful figures can be found produced by US company What The?! Miniatures, who specialise in Weird War 2. The figures are really very nice and include some useful character figures for heroes in Geheimkrieg including this Sgt Rockesque Master Sergeant (left).

It was reported that they were going to release a pack of Lost Squad figures, based on the wonderful comic book, but this unfortunately appears to have gone quiet. If you like your Weird War 2 weird, then hunt down the Lost Squad TPB.

They do the obligatory Nazi zombies (above) which of course you can't have enough of, though in panzergrenadier uniforms they'll add a splash of colour (or camo) to your shambling masses. A nice variant is the pack of US Paratroop zombies (below) they do which are idea for the game - did Abteilung 848 collect cadavers at Normandy and ship them back to Spanner and Volman at the Anatomical Research Institute in Danzig?

(photos What The?! Miniatures)

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  1. Hey Steve, as I said at Salute, jolly well done with releasing Geheimkrieg. I should imagine it's only a matter of (short) time before the miniatures are ready to go out.

    This blog is an excellent resource for WWW2 gaming, a genre I haven't really tapped into yet. As I have suggested before, it might be Geheimkrieg that starts that off!!!

    Cheers mate