miniatures: artizan designs

Artizan Designs range of figures are sculpted by the talented Mike Owen and two of their ranges are extremely useful for Geheimkrieg gamers.

The Thrilling Tales range is chock full of individual adventurers and bad guys, many of whom are useful for all sides in Geheimkrieg, not just the Nazis. However it is their alt-Germans that will hold most appeal.

The Sturm Battalion troopers (top) which make excellent Schreckentruppen, the Panzerbotscan be used as Mechanischritterkrieg and Nacht Jager (above) would work well as Racketentruppen.

The range also contains the British Immortal Battalion (above), which whilst not my idea of Blue Force would make for an interesting alternative unit full of mystery.

Their historical WW2 range should not be overlooked either. My Blue Force comprises for the most part of Artizan British commandos (above), with some West Wind Assault Troopers with beret heads and the US Paras (below) look the part of Special Services Brigade X. Ok, they don't have the weird weapons but a little conversion work is not beyond most of us and the likes of Hasslefree do some very useful armaments that can be employed.

(photos copyright Artizan Designs)

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