media: werewolf women of the ss

Spoof trailer from Grindhouse, but as it's Hallowe'en...

miniatures: studio junger

French company Studio Junger have released a new German "super soldier", a 55mm resin model somewhat reminiscent of the lead "character" from the file SS-Doomtrooper. Whilst it does not fit anything in the current Geheimkrieg background, it does bear a passing resemblance to some of the failed Nazi experiments rushed into service with mixed results on the Eastern Front...

miniatures: studio miniatures

Studio Miniatures have previewed the '3 ups' of their forthcoming 28mm scale plastic Nazi zombies. The box, which will retail for £20, will contain 30 zombies allowing for over 100 different pose variations. Looks like a "must" for Geheimkrieg players...

secret history: churchill ufo cover up

Ministry of Defence files released today show how Churchill and Eisenhower agreed to cover up a UFO encounter by an RAF reconnaissance plane towards the end of the war. Churchill is reported as saying: "This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one's belief in the church."

More details can be found here.

miniatures: dust tactics

Fantasy Flight Games are releasing Dust Tactics at Gen Con next week, this video previews it:

The infantry look like they'd be very useful in Geheimkrieg, the mecha (especially the US ones) are similar to what I envisaged AFV's to look like in Panzerfauste...

miniatures: brigade games

Brigade Games produce a range of 28mm WW2 Pulp Horror which is a bit of a mixed bag but does contain some excellent and highly useful miniatures.

In addition to a highly useful Werewolf in German uniform (pictured left) and some Russian Zombies there is this excellent pack (below) of Luftfaust gunners (ideal of taking down those allied rocketeers) and German Chemical Heavy Weapons Troopers which could be used in a number of ways.

(photos copyright Brigade Games)

media: iron sky

Iron Sky is an independent movie currently in pre-production about a Nazi invasion of Earth from a moon base created in 1945.

The 'look' is brilliant and we can only hope this gets off the ground. We do have plans to extend Geheimkrieg beyond 1945, after we look at the Eastern Front, and this would fit in brilliantly...

miniatures: amazon miniatures

Amazon Miniatures produce a range of Weird War figures entitled 'Tales of the Shadow Reich'. Whilst many of the figures are "Nazi She-wolves" and "Nuns with Guns", the line does include some nice German zombies and some Z Truppen which are useful for Geheimkrieg.

(photo copyright Amazon Miniatures)

miniatures: eureka miniatures

Australia's Eureka Miniatures produce a lovely set of pulp inspired US GI's, a 14 figure set called Easy Company: The Dogfaces (below) which are just great for the sort of rough characters who make up the 10th Special Service Brigade. Whilst they don't sport any weird weaponry, they should be easy enough to convert as required.
(picture Eureka Miniatures)

miniatures: what the?! miniatures

More useful figures can be found produced by US company What The?! Miniatures, who specialise in Weird War 2. The figures are really very nice and include some useful character figures for heroes in Geheimkrieg including this Sgt Rockesque Master Sergeant (left).

It was reported that they were going to release a pack of Lost Squad figures, based on the wonderful comic book, but this unfortunately appears to have gone quiet. If you like your Weird War 2 weird, then hunt down the Lost Squad TPB.

They do the obligatory Nazi zombies (above) which of course you can't have enough of, though in panzergrenadier uniforms they'll add a splash of colour (or camo) to your shambling masses. A nice variant is the pack of US Paratroop zombies (below) they do which are idea for the game - did Abteilung 848 collect cadavers at Normandy and ship them back to Spanner and Volman at the Anatomical Research Institute in Danzig?

(photos What The?! Miniatures)

miniatures: wargames factory

Wargames Factory's forthcoming SF Shock Troops in Greatcoats have a very Germanic feel to them and would make for very useful Geheimkrieg troops.

The box will contain 18 multi-part plastic miniatures with three different helmet options, seven unique weapon designs and loads of extras as can be seen by the shot of the sprue below.

Wargames Factory are currently running some pre-order offers including one combined with their plastic zombies.

(photos Wargames Factory)

miniatures: artizan designs

Artizan Designs range of figures are sculpted by the talented Mike Owen and two of their ranges are extremely useful for Geheimkrieg gamers.

The Thrilling Tales range is chock full of individual adventurers and bad guys, many of whom are useful for all sides in Geheimkrieg, not just the Nazis. However it is their alt-Germans that will hold most appeal.

The Sturm Battalion troopers (top) which make excellent Schreckentruppen, the Panzerbotscan be used as Mechanischritterkrieg and Nacht Jager (above) would work well as Racketentruppen.

The range also contains the British Immortal Battalion (above), which whilst not my idea of Blue Force would make for an interesting alternative unit full of mystery.

Their historical WW2 range should not be overlooked either. My Blue Force comprises for the most part of Artizan British commandos (above), with some West Wind Assault Troopers with beret heads and the US Paras (below) look the part of Special Services Brigade X. Ok, they don't have the weird weapons but a little conversion work is not beyond most of us and the likes of Hasslefree do some very useful armaments that can be employed.

(photos copyright Artizan Designs)

miniatures: west wind productions

When looking for suitable miniatures in 28mm to play Geheimkrieg, one of the first stops must be West Wind Productions and their excellent Secrets of the Third Reich range.

The German Mech Grenadiers (above) are useful figures and like most of the range come with separate heads which allows you to replace the helmeted gas mask ones you get with the models. The German range also includes zombies and werewolves which are must haves for Abteilung 848 players.

The British Assault Troopers (above) are again useful figures, especially those with their Assault Brens, a shortened Bren gun which looks like the kind of hand weapon Blue Force troopers would sport. As with the Germans you can replace the heads and heads in para berets make a good alternative. The British line also includes a Boyes anti-mech pack, just what is needed to take out Mechanischritterkrieg, though I wouldn't fancy the recoil given the figure is standing firing!

The US infantry sport torso body armour and probably aren't ideal for the Dirty Dozen look of the 10th Special Service Brigade, however the Jet Rangers pack (below) is extremely useful and the figures modeled flying or on the ground.

(all photos copyright West Wind Productions)

rules: geheimkrieg pdf released

A PDF edition of Geheimkrieg has been released by Wessex Games via Wargame Vault.

Geheimkrieg is a set of dark science WW2 wargames rules, suitable for 20mm to 40mm scale miniatures, that will allow you to recreate the hidden battles between the Nazi's Abteilung 848 and the highly secret organisations the Allies created to defeat them.

Geheimkrieg also contains, revealed for the first time, the shocking true suppressed history of the Second World War, kept secret from the public by the victors themselves.