secret weapons: kv-vi behemoth

Whilst undertaking some research for Geheimkrieg: Ost I came across some information on secret Soviet tank designs including the huegly impressive KV-VI Behemoth

Unfortunately its operational history was not as spectacular as its looks: "The first prototype was completed in December 1941 and was rushed into the defense of Moscow. In its first action during a dense winter fog, the rear turret accidentally fired into the center turret. The resulting explosion completely destroyed the vehicle. The second prototype was completed in January 1942, and was sent to the Leningrad front. This one had indicators installed to show when another turret was in the line of fire. In its initial attack on the Germans, the tank broke in half when crossing a ravine."

Crew: 15 men and one Commissar. The KV-VI was nicknamed "Stalin's Orchestra" by the few Germans that encountered it because of the variety of weapons it deployed."

Modeler Brian Fowler made an impressive 1/35th model which he describes here. It may serve to inspire some of you to make your own Behemoth in 20mm or 15mm...

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